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woman_studying.jpgSelf-editing one’s own white paper writing is a talent that’s about as rare as ambidextrous penmanship and double-jointed hitchhikers.

But a guest writer on CopyBlogger named Anna Goldsmith offers an interesting solution for edit-challenged white paper writers. Suggestion #5 on her post entitled, “Five Easy Steps to Editing Your Own Work“, offers a simple solution to the problem:

Step #5 – Print it and read it out loud. After you’ve made your revisions, print your document (don’t edit onscreen!) and read it again. If you’re in a crowded office, whisper instead, but don’t skip this step. You’ll be amazed at how much you’ll catch.

For writers working out of a home office, this makes a lot of sense. For those working out of a cubicle in a crowded office this can be embarassing, even if you whisper as Anna suggests. You might want to consider taking that paper with you on your lunch break or somewhere out of the office.

But the idea of reading your white paper draft out loud makes a lot of sense. Not only will it catch your grammatical errors, but it will also determine whether your sentences are too long and if you have punctuation placed in most appropriate areas.

So go ahead and read that paper out loud. As my late grandmother used to say, “It couldn’t hoit!”

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