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Could your business benefit from a white paper writing service? Ask yourself these questions:

Is our organization proactively using white papers to reach new customers and boost sales?

Does the design of our white papers grab reader attention and improve message comprehension?

Do our white papers include elements that are targeted to today's 'short attention' oriented decision maker?

Are our white papers produced on-time and on-budget?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, let the Appum Group's white paper services give you the leverage you need for better marketing results. Receive a superior quality white paper much faster than you thought possible.

White Papers that Grab Reader Attention!

Today's decision maker has a limited amount of time and attention devoted to reading complex business information. To reach them, your white paper design must include visually appealing elements that quickly grab their attention and create an incentive to read more detailed information.

White papers are our specialty: compelling pieces that educate, motivate and create a positive impact that generates revenue for your business. We have spent years perfecting white paper writing and design formats that allow your organization to gain executive attention and deliver critical solution-oriented messages. That’s why we’re known as “The White Paper Company.”

Please review our white paper samples, see our Style Guide, and contact us to see how Appum Group's white paper service helps drive your important marketing messages home.

Better Results, Faster —         With FastDraft™

With our proven FastDraft methodology, we can get a better white paper into your hands, faster. See how FastDraft helps you get your marketing messages out to your sales force, prospects and customers faster than you thought possible.

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